Our Animals

As well as all our volunteers, our cast includes horses, sheep, goats, oxen, geese and donkeys.
Our 33 horses include elegant Lusitanos from Portugal and Spain, Wielkopolski carriage horses from Poland and rare Kladrubers fom the Czeck Republic. We also have eight heavyweight Percherons from Normandy, to pull the wagons and cars on stage. All our horses are grey so they will stand out at night.

Our flock of Texel sheep has expanded thanks to a successful lambing season, and ewes and their lambs will appear in this year’s show, with our gaggle of 30 geese, our two donkeys Matilda and Neddy, Durham Shorthorn oxen Vi and Lady Barrington ox and two goats.

Our animals are housed in spacious, purpose built facilities, with extensive outdoor paddocks and enclosures which have been approved by the local authorities. They are cared for by a team of professionals, assisted by trained volunteers, and we work closely with our farrier and veterinary teams to ensure they enjoy the hightest standards of care. They welfare is of paramount importance to us and they are always treated with care and kindness, whether resting or performing.

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