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See what the Archers from Season One thought of their experience:

In their own words…

“I got an amazing sense of achievement from doing something I never imagined I would ever do.”
“This first year has blown me away. Everything from the personal sense of achievement to the team work. I still can't believe this is happening in Bishop Auckland and that I'm part of it. I feel proud and have had the most amazing time. What a journey.”
“I've learnt new skills, made new friends, been part of something amazing from the beginning that has filled me with pride and a sense of achievement.”
“Put simply, Kynren has provided new skills, new friends, and a fantastic feeling of being part of something monumental and World Class.”
“The Kynren family has restored my faith of how people can pull together to achieve great things which a lot of us had thought had been lost in our area. The friendship alone is a great gift.”
“As a mother it gave me quality time with my teenage son as we were in the same team… I have developed as a person because of Kynren. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity.”
“Being involved with a project with my teenage son gave us a dual interest which allowed us to stay connected and spend time together doing something extraordinary.”
“It makes me emotional to try and put into words the huge impact on my life, being on site is like the best day out/holiday all in one, I cried for days at the end of Season One.”
“…being so busy helps to fight the flab! I would probably be several pounds heavier if I wasn't an Archer and would be more likely to feel my age: as it is, I feel about half my age. What more could a man want?!!”
“I have made many new and dear friends who have become a Kynren family because we have all shared in this journey together.”

In their own words

See what the Archers from Season One thought of their experience

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