Volunteer Roles

Our Archers receive professional training from leading experts in their respective fields – combat skills, choreography, pyrotechnics, stage management and so on.

Show Team

The Show Team is made up of cast, as well as all the teams who work to get them ready to go on stage.


The cast on stage are the actors, fighters, dancers and animal handlers who all bring Kynren to life- so it’s important that we’re all well trained, well-rehearsed and ready for showtime!

Do not worry about having – or not having – a special skill before you join us; all you need is the enthusiasm and a commitment to make the show extraordinary.


Costume Team

The Costume Team is responsible for producing, altering and maintaining the elaborate costumes throughout the year. They make sure the actors and dancers on stage always look their best. They work off season, during rehearsal and show nights. They are involved in costume logistics and cast dressing.

Props Team

The Props Team is in charge of preparing and maintaining the props and the sets all year round. It also manages the prop logistics on rehearsals and show nights.

Go Team

The Go Team is an extension of the Stage Management Team. They are key players in guaranteeing the smooth running of the show. They send cast onstage at the right place at the right time.

Experience Team

The Experience Team ensures that every visitor to the Eleven Arches night show has the best possible time from the moment they arrive in the car park to the moment they leave. They safeguard first and last impression that our guests have of Kynren.

Far from being the quiet team, we depend on the Experience team to be even more outgoing than the cast onstage. They are there to greet visitors with a smile, in a warm, friendly and engaging manner, keeping them entertained after the show as they leave the site.

During all four phases of show night, as an Experience Team Archer you could find yourself in any of the following roles, or several in one night: Box Office Assistant, Shop Assistant, Security Bag Checker, Ticket Check Assistant, Kiosk/Trolley Sales Assistant, Traffic/parking Control, Accessibility Assistants, Tribune Ushers/Marshals.


Onstage Cavalry

  • Show Rider Team
  • Carriage Driving Team

Backstage Cavalry (Non riding roles)

  • Cavalry Go (Stage Management Team)
  • Cavalry Dressing
  • Grooms


The Operations Team ensures that grounds of Kynren are fit for purpose. They keep the 8,000-seat venue pristine and safe for volunteers and visitors at all times.

On show nights, the following teams are involved:

  • First Aid Team
  • Rescue Divers / Rescue Swimmers
  • Security Marshals
  • Event Control

All year round, we have an Estates Team who manages the buildings and the grounds, from general maintenance to DYI to landscaping.

Technical Team

The Tech Team is at the cutting edge of each performance, ensuring that everything runs like clockwork from the tech suite. They keep the lights, sound and video, mechanics and hydro works running properly. The Pyro team who ensures special effects, fireworks and fire are all deployed safely for the delight of our audience.

As a Technical Team Archer you could find yourself in one or more of the following roles on show night: Lighting Team, Sound Team, Video Team, Show Control Team, Technical Room Operators, Follow Spot Operators, Electrical Team or Sound Monitoring.

Any other questions?

Please contact the Volunteer Casting Department on [email protected] or on 01388 311 566.


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