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A never-ending riot of colour and drama

…an astonishing, vibrant spectacle, one that withstands repeat viewing and will live long in the memory. The second season of Kynren truly will be a high flier. - Read More


This live show in County Durham takes in everything from the Roman invasion to Winston Churchill's speeches, all with a backdrop of fireworks and special effects. It's unusual, make no mistake, but utterly charming. - Read More

Kynren ★★★★☆

A new, all-action family spectacular.

£30m Kynren history epic receives standing ovation

It was absolutely brilliant, incredible. I don’t know what to say - Read More

Kynren brings 2,000 years of history to life in spectacular style

With its lavish sets, lavish scenery, amazing lighting effects and mass of performers, this show makes you feel like you are in the middle of a blockbuster movie. It is hard to choose a favourite moment…the finale is truly spectacular, as all the strands of Britain’s past come together, and the evening ends with an exhilarating pyrotechnic display.

Kynren: a historical epic painted in primary colours

An enormous family-friendly night show celebrating the history of England and the North East in particular. Spectacular is the word for it.

Bishop Auckland looks to past for its future

Spectacular and idiosyncratic, Kynren is an often thrilling romp through English history, delivered at a breathless pace.

It is an England told through a prism of the North East and comes with more than a passing nod to Jonathan Ruffer's evangelical Christian beliefs.
The story sees a bishop guide a young boy through an individualistic choice of English and North-Eastern highlights - the Battle of Stamford Bridge gets equal billing with the one at Hastings, St Cuthbert follows on the heels of Joseph of Arimathea and the pits replace the usually-seen mills of the Industrial Revolution.
Brought to life by hundreds of talented volunteers and a supporting cast of horses, sheep, goats and geese, it is a vibrant spectacle that will leave an Englishman's head dizzy from the historical whirlwind
.- Read More

Kynren ★★★★☆

Theme-park history on fast-forward.

Subtitled ‘an epic tale of England’, this mega-budget outdoor show comes with a cast of hundreds – all local volunteers – on a seven-acre stage plus man-made lake, and with an 8,000-seat amphitheatre and Auckland Castle in the distance. This is theme-park history on fast-forward. The Romans arrive in scary cohorts; the Normans by ship, as 1066 and all that whizzes by with battles, flaming arrows and thundering action music. Medieval jousting horses go full tilt down a long straight – a great thrill – and before you know it, the Bard and Queen Bess have met up (‘Ah Mr Shakespeare, what a delightful surprise’).The pastoral Georgians are choreographed wenches with real geese, sheep, goats and frolicsome kiddies. The Industrial Revolution brings with it a Darlington locomotive that chugs quaintly past and there’s still time for two quick world wars to end the evening. The script may be 100 per cent wooden but the technology is state-of-the-art. Pyrotechnics and holographics keep up the ‘ah’-factor, in a horsey evening that’s patriotic, full of local pride and delightfully eccentric. Don’t miss this midsummer spectacular – but do wear thermal undies. .- Read More

Cue the levitating longboat: the £35m all-singing, all-dancing history of Britain

Billed as the biggest live event in the UK since the 2012 Olympics, it features a Viking longboat levitating out of a lake, horses charging into battle, a volley of flaming arrows and plenty of pyrotechnics.- Read More

A magnificent riot of never-ending history

A preposterous concept but it has now been magnificently brought to life. Wrap up warm, pray it doesn’t rain, and be prepared to marvel at the volunteers, the horsemanship, the effects, the stories, the pigmy goats and the fact that it exists at all..- Read More

Kynren spectacle ideal excuse to explore Durham

Kynren brings history spectacularly to life in aid of a worthy cause - an ideal inspiration to explore nearby Durham’s rich heritage - Read More

Kynren: An epic tale of England gives its audience all it could want

Live action, fighting with blazing arrows, chariot races, amazing special effects and fireworks - everything you need for a brilliant family show.- Read More

The dress rehearsal of Kynren heralds a spectacular new visitor attraction

Hundreds of volunteers put on a flawless show as the first performance of Kynren gets a standing ovation.- Read More

Now that is over the top!

Kynren will bring British history - from the Romans to WWII - spectacularly to life in our biggest live production since the Olympic ceremonies.- Read More

KYNREN: a new live epic

A City philanthropist is staging the UK’s largest live production since the Olympics – a £31m after-dark epic on a 7.5-acre set, featuring a full-size lake, ship, 34 horses, a cast and crew of 1,000 and a castle that rises from the earth. - Read More

Auckland Castle, County Durham, to stage epic night show with cast of 1,000

Taking its lead from the Puy du Fou theme park in France, the Eleven Arches project will put history at the forefront of live shows – the largest open-air performances in the UK since the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. - Read More

Destination Diary 2016

Eleven Arches at Auckland Castle, County Durham

Historic Auckland Castle in County Durham becomes the North of England’s newest arts venue with the opening of a spectacular live-action night show from production company Eleven Arches. Kynren is an epic story spanning 2,000 years of British history, with an equally epic scale (a 7.5 acre stage) and epic cast (1,000 professionally trained volunteers). Runs for 14 shows until 17 September.

The Agenda 2016

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Taking its lead from the Puy du Fou theme park in France, the Eleven Arches project will put history at the forefront of live shows – the largest open-air performances in the UK since the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

Look inside the £31m County Durham Kynren arena hoping to attract thousands of visitors.

From July some 8,000 people at a time will get a spectacular view of a show telling the epic take of England's history, in Bishop Auckland. Read More